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Whether you're looking to pre-qualify for a mortgage, searching for loan programs, interested in refinancing, or looking for the right loan officer for you, VIP Mortgage is here to help with all things home.

Since opening our doors in 2006, VIP Mortgage continues to thrive by creating a company with complete transparency and trust, truly listening to the people we serve, and concentrating on building relationships for life! Our mission: to help people responsibly finance the American dream of home ownership through responsible lending, while restoring the reputation of the mortgage industry.

As you pursue home ownership, you want someone you can fully trust. You need a mortgage loan that works for your specific financial situation and goals for your family. Our loan officers can help you get pre-qualified or find the right program for you. We’ll help you determine whether you need an FHA loan, Jumbo loan, VA loan, USDA loan, Native American home loan, Reverse Mortgage, or construction loan and help you get it.

When you think about the home buying process, you might feel overwhelmed with stress. When you work with VIP Mortgage, we make it easy. As a premier mortgage broker, we prioritize your satisfaction and simplicity. From the moment you meet your loan officer, you will be taken care of from start to finish. We’ll help you through the beginning stages of planning right up to the final closing. We handle in-house appraisals, loan approvals, underwriting, and closing paperwork. Any questions you have will be answered and any problems you have will be addressed.

We pride ourselves on focusing on our customers and ensuring that they receive thorough communication through every step of the loan process, to make the best, most sound financial decisions for their needs. Our loan officers are dedicated to helping you obtain a mortgage that will best fit your specific financial goals while at the same time bringing you peace of mind throughout the home financing process. Find a loan officer near you who can help guide you through the mortgage planning process which will ultimately lead to a successful loan closing.

For personalized assistance, search for a trusted loan officer in one of our licensed states so you can get started on the exciting journey to homeownership. That’s what we do–make the home buying process exciting and easy, rather than boring and stressful.